Underneath the National Pastor's Convention 2008 - 4

Today was a LONG, tiring and refreshing day at the NPC

Here are a few things I remember well:

  • Erwin McManus said something exactly like this: "If you're not living with doubt, then you haven't asked deep enough questions."
  • Marko gave Elaina (Zondervan cool leader) a hug and they got intertwined with earrings, glasses and Marko's hair. It made me laugh out loud!
  • Bob Stromberg made me laugh out loud with a routine I've seen at least 30 times!
  • I got to meet several people simply sitting in their seats before general sessions. I loved learning about the ministries they're involved with and was amazed at how loving and friendly all were -- even when we learned what denominations we were from!
  • I got to spend a little time with one of the "Bigger loser than Marko" contestants. It was great to meet you in person, Jim!

Tomorrow is the earliest day -- right after the latest night!

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