Underneath the National Pastor's Convention 2008 - 3

The stage setup is almost complete! A little more this morning and then we begin! Our main stage team will spend most of the morning putting a bunch of free books etc. on the seats for the first main session.

Here are a couple of sideline highlights for me from our last full day of setup for the NPC

  • Relationship time -- I got to hear the stories of quite a few folks I'm working with this year. I've been moved and uplifted hearing about their journeys.
  • I had a fun conversation with Bob Stromberg. He's going to be a great host!
  • Dinner (and a t-shirt!) at In N Out Burger. I went for the smallest item on the menu and didn't finish everything -- yet I filled up fine. (14.5 pounds down and still shrinking!)
Let the fun begin today!


johny b said...


congrats on the weight you are loosing... keep up the great work...

but i am even more jealous that you were able to dine at in and out burger... could you be so kind and send the leftovers my way ;)

Kirk said...

Thanks, johny. Are you sure you want the stale fries?