Larry Norman -- 1947-2008

I saw my first Larry Norman concert in the early 70's with my dad. I've listened to and sung Larry's music for what seems all my life.

Larry died Sunday morning, after growing progressively weaker over the past several years.

RIP Larry. And thanks for the music.


Ross Isenegger said...

Your post about Larry's death had me remembering my late teens when life and faith seemed simpler and Larry Norman songs were a source of delight to me. I was happy to find a few more videos on YouTube and to learn that I have one of only 400 "Street Level" records. I used Zamzar to convert the music to mp3 for the car ride.

Kirk said...

Street Level is great, eh? I never had an original -- though I got a CD from Larry several years back. On the version I have is Larry singing "Sweet Sweet Song of Salvation" in front of what might be a group of youthworkers at an early YS convention.