The Bourne Ultimatum

I caught the Saturday matinee of the trilogy-ending (?) Bourne film. Here's my short review:

Non-stop action with an intelligent and interesting plot. I lost the circulation in my cheeks from sitting on the edge of my seat!

Here's a little more:

  • I've loved all three of the Bourne films with Matt Damon. This one tops the other two!
  • Jason Bourne (DW) is gentle and ruthless and super-smart.
  • Did Nicky Parsons love Jason before this all began?
  • The action sequences are exhausting. The drama sequences are compelling.
  • I caught some "not so hidden" references to current US adminstration policy and suspicion. The filmmakers really don't like secret government programs that threaten people's civil rights.
  • Scariest quote: Pamela Landy: "When does it all end?" Noah Vosen: "When we win."

I think this film series is at an end. Now I can read the first three books and then maybe think about 'Legacy" and "Betrayal."


Christine said...

i can't believe they had the whole Nicky & Jason moment in the diner and didn't touch on it ever again! and there was that whole parallel "pretty girl in the motel room dyeing and cutting her hair" like in the first movie. how can they leave us hanging like that?

Kirk said...

I think it is precisely so that we could talk about it on this wonderful blog :)

johny b said...

after reading your post, i decided that i needed to see it... even though i did not budget any "fun" activities for this month... but without a doubt, the best of the three...

i am sure that in either the prequel book it talks about nicky & jason... i would have loved to see that develop more... i always had a hunch...

Kirk said...

I think Universal Pictures owes me commission on a $10 admission!