Peaceful Valley 2007 - 6

Yesterday I went on the "All Day" ride with an overnight campout immediately afterwards -- I'm a little sore today.

The riding was tremendous -- especially the part near the end where Robin (my sister) and I got to run -- as fast as I've ever gone on a horse -- for a good 1/2 mile. It was exhilarating!

I got to be one of the cooks for dinner -- we had some excellent steak, corn on the cob and home fries. Then later, Matthew (son) and I led some campfire songs -- I think we make a great campfire team! Really, the whole camping and riding group made this a favorite experience of the week.

This morning after breakfast we all rode slowly down the mountain back to the ranch. It was so funny to hear "Owww!" and "Ouch!" from everyone every time the horses broke into a trot.

The shower after I got back to the cabin felt like heaven on earth.

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