Peaceful Valley 2007 - 7

Over the last two days I've been on two great rides -- yesterday we went on a ride to "Ironclad overlook" and we spent at least half of our time running. It was another one of those bone-jarring but thrilling rides. At one point as we were walking downhill, my saddle let loose and I started sliding off the horse. I clung close and shifted my weight and righted myself before falling off. All the other riders said it was a pretty amazing thing to see and that they all thought I was surely going to fall off. Now I wear the recovery as a badge of honor.
Today we went on another ride with lots of running. We ran much of the way to Jamestown Settlement -- a place that is more of a picnic area along the river. After a picnic lunch with everyone from the ranch (many came up by wagon) we had our last thrilling riding of the week. We ran for a couple of miles down a long, soft road. The scenery was spectacular and the ride left me breathless.

Tonight it's the talent show (I'm playing "The Cheese Song," of course) and then things slow down for a couple of days.

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