The Outlaw (Peaceful Valley 2007 - 5)

I attended the red carpet premiere of Scott Fransen's "The Outlaw" with about 300 other people at the Estes Park movie theater. Here's my short review:

A sensitive outlaw in a film noir anti-western.

Here's some more.

  • Director Scott Fransen shows some promise with his first significant production. I think he's on the way to getting noticed as a filmmaker.

  • I love the "good" outlaw and the "bad" good guys in this movie.

  • I still got to see the walk into the sunset -- even if it was under different circumstances.

  • Seeing the actors and director at the premiere all dressed up made me smile. (I get to see so many of them working in ranch clothes at Peaceful Valley Ranch during the week

  • The energy a the premiere was electric. Getting to listen in on the question and answer period and watching the gag reel was a great way to cap off the evening.

We got home after midnight -- everyone fell asleep right away!

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