Ocean's 13

Here's my quick review:

"A lot of fun - often confusing - but with lots to make you smile. "

There's nothing profound or culture changing in the third Ocean's movie, but it sure was a whole lot of fun. While I missed Tess, ("It's not their fight.") I loved how the characters interacted with one another and how the new characters fit right in. Some of the comedic elements were completely silly, but I'm the kind of person who appreciates some silliness.

My favorite quote: (I'm not sure if I remember the words exactly!)
Rusty: "You should try to keep the weight off in between next time"
Danny: "You should settle down, have a couple of kids"

Minor spoiler: Don't feel too sorry for David Paymer's character (the V.U.P.). Things will ultimately work out for him.

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