Illinois Conference Annual Meeting - Day 3 (last day)

I think we ended our meeting on an energized and exuberant note. I left the meeting filled with God's Spirit.
Kyle Tade preached an excellent sermon from Psalm 146 that reminded us that ALL are loved by God -- every last person in every place on our planet.
I loved leading music. Last night I arranged for the use of a sound system that allowed me to plug in the guitar and to have a microphone for me and for a few other vocalists. It was great to have a whole contingent of youth come up for a couple of songs to celebrate by playing wonderfully on Rhythm instruments.
A day before the service, Joey Feldman offered to be a singer with me. He was perfect -- on the songs he already knew he added the most heavenly harmonies -- and on the songs he'd never heard he learned them as we sang and made them come to life.
Here are the songs we sang before and during worship:

~End thought on our theme, "Let Your Light Shine -- Glowing into the Future"
Glowing shares light that is stored - it provides celebration for all, but it does begin to fade. As we are out glowing into the future, we have to remember to look to the light and rely on the light so that our glow doesn't fade and go away.

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