Buddy Dive – 5

Today seems to be the day of the scorpion fish. This morning Michael and Conner (brother-in-law and nephew) joined Andrew and I on the morning snorkel. In addition to seeing a scorpion fish, we saw several eels, puffer fish, and Andrew even saw a ray! It was the best viewing of any morning snorkel yet.
Two dives in the morning today. One was to Angel City – where we got to see the wreck of the Hilma Hooker – a ship that sunk mysteriously in the 80’s. We saw scorpion fish (again) and I had a bit of an “air issue”—meaning I used too much! We then wrapped up the morning diving at Eden’s Beach. We saw dolphins near the site before we dove, but not under water. More scorpion fish, a cool yacht wreck, a puffer and two jawfish. Eden’s is an easy dive with lots to see.
Afterwards, however, I had a headache and was pretty crabby. I took ibuprofen and vegged for awhile until I felt better.
When I was feeling better, Michael and I took the kids over to the rough side – where the waves pound the coral coast -- making shore diving impossible. We loved watching the waves crash high in the air!

One more day of diving – and just one more dive (tomorrow) is all I’ll do on this vacation.

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