Buddy Dive – 4

Matthew, Cassie and I took a dive this morning. (with JP—a dive instructor. Matthew isn’t certified but can dive with an instructor) We saw a small boat wreck, (it’s been there for a long time) eels, a French angelfish, a queen angelfish, a huge tarpon (5-6 feet long -- we call it “Charlie”) and a very well concealed octopus. (It pretty much looked like a ripple in a piece of hard coral.
I finished reading Doug Pagitt’s book, Preaching Reimagined, today. I like the approach this book takes. I read lots of little pieces of Doug’s opinions on ways to make preaching more “progressional” and also many descriptions of experiences he’s had. I felt free to agree or disagree with any part of the book. I think books like this one afford the reader great opportunity to engage what’s going on without feeling like they are reading a “Do this and you’ll be successful” book. This one is a great read.

And now . . . at last . . . an afternoon simply resting.
Squrrelfish are my favorites

"Charlie" the 5-6 food Tarpon

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