Buddy Dive – 3

Our vacation is going along “swimmingly.” Morning snorkel adventures continue (My youngest, Andrew, goes with me every day! He’s becoming very skilled as a snorkeler) and today we went to an unofficial, yet wonderful dive site called “Taylor-made.” The soft and hard coral were the best I’ve seen on the island (And since I’ve only been diving here, it is the best coral I’ve ever seen!) We spotted a tiny juvenile spotted drum – the head was no larger than my little finger.
I attempted, and learned, how to windsurf at Jibe City today, too. It took me at least a half hour to even get my first successful ride, but I loved it. However, I don’t think I’ll be entering any contests any time soon.
The adults went to a wonderful restaurant tonight – my new island favorite. If you’re ever in Bonaire, try Cactus Blue. The atmosphere, food and presentation is just wonderful! I got a t-shirt that I’ll wear back in the states.
I did comment to Cassie today that this vacation is killing me. My muscles are sore and I’m pretty exhausted each night. I think I’ll take it a little easier tomorrow.
Here are a few more pix --

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