Buddy Dive – 6

Our last dive . . . We took a boat to Klein Bonaire and dove “Joanne’s Sunchi.” (Joanne’s Kiss) It was a great last dive of this vacation. We saw a spotted eagle ray in the distance and saw a moving octopus too! I also had a better time with my air intake as I lasted 52 minutes! (I know that for many this isn’t any kind of accomplishment, but I’ve been over-consuming air all week!)
In the afternoon the whole family boarded the catamaran Mushi Mushi and we sailed to Klein Bonaire for a snorkel at “No-Name” beach. We saw oodles of fish – including a midnight parrotfish that I had to free dive to about 30 feet to see. The sailboat ride was very relaxing – a great afternoon!

Friday night included the traditional rum-punch (or plain fruit punch) party with Moogie providing the dance music. A great dinner at Ribs Factory and then home to spend a bit more time together as family.

We’re headed home tomorrow. I hear the weather has been a little colder than here :)

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