Resolution 2006 Recap

I made some New Year's resolutions in 2006. Let's see how I fared:

I'm gonna write more.

I blogged a bunch, wrote for i.ucc, did a few magazine articles for interlinc, wrote most of the Gross Theology book and that's about it. I think I did well on this one.

I'm gonna record some children's songs -- and maybe even some other songs.

'The Man with the Guitar' and 'Some Other Songs' are available on iTunes, Rhapsody and others. I did it!

I'm gonna rest.

I took a sabbatical during Lent. Another resolution fulfilled!

I'm gonna lose weight and get in shape.

I worked out an average of 3x per week all year and also ended the year weighing less than when I started. This is going well!

I'm gonna give more to charity.

I did better at this than in any other year prior -- and there is still lots of room for improvement!

I'll post resolutions for 2007 sometime this week.


johny b said...


happy new year! i hope and pray that you will be able to continue to do well this year with your resolutions as you did in '06.

you are also in my pryaers as this year will bring a change... your new youth pastor position to adults... i know that you will be used by God!

Kirk said...

Thanks, Johny. Happy New Year to you!

traci said...

hi kirk
i have three resolutions

1. get a job.
2. get a cat.
3. get a boyfriend.

i'm hoping for at least two out of three.

Kirk said...

I hear a country-western song brewing in my head now.