6 days late

I didn't do much blogging in the last quarter (OK -- the last half -- or was it the first half of the new fiscal year?) of last year. Sometimes this is fun -- other times it feels tedious. When it feels tedious, I don't write.

With that in mind -- here are some resolutions for 2006.

(I realize that resolutions can happen anytime and the milestone of a new year seems like a sorry excuse to decide to do something that I've put off too long, but I'm such a "stick with the fads" person, so here goes!)

I'm gonna write more
(Maybe some blogging, maybe some magazine articles, maybe finish a book project I've had for awhile . . . I'll be non-committal in my commitment)

I'm gonna record some children's songs -- and maybe even some other songs.
(I don't mean off of CD's or off the radio, I mean songs that I wrote or songs that are in the public domain. If I record enough of them, I think I'll make a record)

I'm gonna rest
(I'm planning a 6-week sabbatical during Lent. It's kind of funny -- a pastor giving up church for Lent)

I'm gonna lose weight and get in shape
(I've heard that before. I've even done it. It's hard to be consistent with a boring, healthy lifestyle.)

I'm gonna give more to charity.
(Here are some of my favorites: Church World Service, The United Church of Christ, Sojourners, Scouting for All, St. Matthew UCC)

I may add to this list . . .

1 comment:

traci said...

these are looking goooood!

i have some stuff to ask you/tell you, but i'm going cah-razy around here with finals.

i'll call you some time in february. :)