Crossing the line

I've done it now.

OK -- I've done it before too.

I've welcomed everyone present to receive communion.

I've purposefully avoided the phrase "all who profess Jesus as Savior and Lord" in the invitation.

I've purposefully added "If you don't understand, you're welcome."

I've purposefully added "If you don't believe, you're welcome."

And a few people have been bothered by that.

I've had conversations about how letting everyone take communion, regardless of what they believe, somehow cheapens the sacrament.

I've responded with, "When something is precious because it has requirements that only let certain people in, it isn't really precious -- it's exclusive."

I don't think that Jesus calls for us to be exclusive -- Jesus calls for us to love one another.

I've had conversations about the call for us to examine ourselves before receiving communion so that we do not receive it in an unworthy manner.

And I respond, "Believers should examine themselves before receiving communion. If they find themselves worthy to receive, they aren't. Yet Jesus welcomes all. The call for believers to examine themselves doesn't say anything about unbelievers. They are simply welcome. You don't have to know the host to be at the party -- you know?"

I believe everyone -- without reservation or requirement -- is welcome.

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Peter said...

Interesting take on the issue! I wish I could get you and my friend Brian in the same room to discuss questions like this. You might find his blog interesting: