Desperate Parishioners

I've watched the first two episodes (3 hours total) or The Book of Daniel on NBC. This comical drama offers laughable and highly unlikely (at least all at once) situations relating to an Episcopal Priest, Daniel Webster. Here's a list of some of the situations I've seen in just those first two episodes.

  • Priest addicted to Vicodin.
  • Gay Son.
  • Priest's father encourages gay son (not out to grandpa) by setting him up with a girl.
  • Gay son is attracted to girl's brother who may or may not be gay.
  • Powerful church member gives unwanted advice to priest -- but powerful church member's wife is really the one in power.
  • Priest's player Adopted Son with Chinese heritage is in love.
  • Girlfriend's mom is racist and forces girl to break up with Priest's adopted son.
  • Priest's wife is an alcoholic.
  • Daughter is dealing drugs to finance anime dream.
  • Daughter steals intellectual property to get animation programs.
  • Oversexed adolescent computer genius is smitten with daughter.
  • Bishop is sleeping with Priests father.
  • Priests Father (also a Bishop) is struggling with Alzheimer's case in wife -- sleeping with bishop.
  • Priest's brother in law embezzled 3.2 million dollars from the Parish (money raised to build a school)
  • Brother-in-law died of a heart attack.
  • Priest's sister in law (widow of embezzling brother -in-law) is gay and somehow part of the embezzling.
  • Priest's sister in law's lover is the possible mastermind of the embezzling.
  • Catholic Priest tied in with the mob.
  • Catholic priest helps priest to find the money -- with the mob's help.
  • Money is found -- with strings attached. Church must hire mob-connected construction company to build school.
  • Priest has lots of money -- inherited from wife's side.
  • Mother-in-law is manipulative and mean-spirited.
  • Parishioner's father wants to join -- but is married to parishioner's ex-wife.
  • Priest talks to Jesus in person
  • Jesus listens well and encourages Daniel.
  • God's grace abounds.

I found myself laughing out loud at many of the situations Daniel Webster finds himself in. I found myself thinking of similar things I've experienced as a pastor. (Yes, they situations aren't likely (at least all at once) but they are similar to situations every pastor and church faces. I also found very little to be offended by. (Others may find more, but I found almost nothing)

The Book of Daniel is a thought-provoking, entertaining and well-acted new television series that deserves to continue. The underlying theme of Jesus' love, God's presence and God's grace is one I wish all could hear on a weekly, if not a daily, basis. I'm sure we can find much to discuss at the water cooler and in the church fellowship hall about this worthwhile, entertaining, and engaging new show.

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traci said...

my friend matt blogged briefly about the show here http://www.millinerd.com/2006_01_01_millinerd_archive.html#113660911248737387

i don't think any of those scenarios is unlikely, but you're right, all at once it's a little laughable.