Wedding Crashers

I'm headed to Florida to perform a wedding ceremony this weekend (Hey! How about some encouragement instead of a chorus of boos!)
It just so happens that this week's blog entry for "Opening the Bible" at i.ucc comes from one of those famous wedding passages! Here's "Wedding Crashers."

I've seen the movie -- and laughed out loud when the two main characters made a bet as to whether the Bible reading at a wedding would come from 1st Corinthinans (13) or Colossians 3:12 (-17). I have to admit, I'm partial to the Colossians reading myself.

I'm going to be officiating at a wedding ceremony this weekend. (Yes, I'm a pastor -- and yes, I do weddings sometimes.) I really do like being a part of weddings and offering what little words of advice I can as we prepare and during the ceremony itself. (I tell couples that being a pastor has given me some training to do that, but being married for 19 years is what really qualifies me!)

A Bible reading I present at almost every wedding ceremony I perform is also one of this week's Bible readings. Colossians 3:12-17 (Not the one read during the movie -- the wedding during the "Scripture bet" in Wedding Crashers had 1 Corinthians 13 read) has simple, wonderful advice on how to live at peace with others. It has advice that was not, and is not limited to the Christian world, yet offers advice I think all in Christianity should heed.

In this passage, people are encouraged to have compassion, kindness, humility, meekness and patience. People are encouraged to forgive each other and to always act in love. All are also expected to let Christ's peace be the reference point that guides everyday actions.

What if everyone took advice like that seriously and lived with it and in it? Sure it goes beyond "Love" as the most important thing of all, but it expands on what love calls us and expects us and encourages us to do. If we lived following that advice, what do you think life would be like? Is it likely we could get there? Even if it isn't, isn't it worth it to try? Can we rely on God to provide us with the ability to get there? Can we do any less?

I think that's great advice for couples and singles and everyone in every kind of family. I'll be sure to share it this weekend.

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