The Path of Peace

I posted this different blog entry at "Opening the Bible" on the i.ucc website for this week:

This week's reading from Luke 1:68-79 is a song of praise and celebration from Zechariah. I had a little melody running through my head and thought I'd run with it. Here's what I call "The Path of Peace."

Here's a song (poem?) inspired by this week's reading. I offer it without comment but welcome yours!

(You'll have to kind of guess the melody -- there's no recording of this one yet . . . )

The Path of Peace (Zechariah's Song -- From Luke 1:68-79)
words and music by Kirk Moore

(Alternate G and C – heavy on bass strings)

You set your people free
A savior from the tree of David
We heard the promise long ago
Deliverance from all we seemed to know

Take us down the path of peace
Fill us with your spirit, please
We will follow -- guide our feet
Take us down the path of peace

A child prepares the way
Mercy and forgiveness say that
The sun will rise on high
The light will dawn and surely be our guide


© 2006 Kirk Moore

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