Blogging NYWC Charlotte - Underneath the Convention end

The convention's over.

I spent the rest of the day Monday helping take down stage, pack things up and put it in trucks. There's a sadness in packing up -- but also an anticipation of what's coming next.

Just a few final highlights of the week in Charlotte

Meeting some great new friends and reconnecting with old friends serving as volunteers on the Convention Staff.

Working again with my great friends at Outside the Box Ministries and DB Production Services.

Seeing Marko, on his knees, celebrating and affirming women and men as equals in ministry. I'm overjoyed that YS has made a powerful statement these past 2+ years that gender bias has no place in ministry.

Coming home.

I've put up a "picture page" for you to look at if you wish -- be sure to look at the bottom for links to the Glenn Juggling video and the Main Stage Reveal video.

(ht to Jeff for a better picture of Marko dancing than I had!)

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