I've been called as the new pastor at Union Congregational Church in Somonauk, IL.


I start serving sometime in February of next year.

It's so exciting to get ready to serve and for new opportunities. I'm looking forward to help lead a new congregation as we grow together in Faith.

And it's bittersweet because it means saying goodbye to the St. Matthew congregation.

Transition isn't easy -- and I trust that God will continue to provide strength and continue to guide both St. Matthew UCC and Union Congregational Church.

More excitement to come!


Peter said...

Does this mean a move to a new home? (Otherwise, that's a heck of a commute!) I don't envy moving house- we just did it, and there are few things I like less.

But congratulations on the new post! I'm sure you will make the most of the exciting opportunity!

Kirk said...

One huge transition at a time . . . And thank you! I'm looking forward to being the Pastor at Union!

The Faith Family said...

Our family is very saddened by this news - we've grown to greatly appeciate your style and your family. Trying to accept your leaving St Matthew as something better for you and your family, but we're sad to see you all go! I know we have to set you free, but it's not always easy seeing friends go! Thank you, so very much, for all you've taught us over the years.

Kirk said...

Thanks, Faiths! It really is a bittersweet time. I'm excited about what lies ahead -- and very sad to leave the St. Matthew family.