Newspaper battle in Warrenville -- Last Round?

Apparently things turned a little ugly.
Our little town, for a little while, had two local newspapers.
The Warrenville Today: Which has been published here for more than a year
The Warrenville Clipper: Which folded a couple of weeks ago after publishing only 16 issues.

As I read both papers every week, I noticed a few things

The Clipper had a superior method for printing. The text was crisp, the pictures clear and the advertisements sharp.
The Today continues to have a method for printing that leaves the ads with some jaggy edges and with the pictures often too dark.

I hope the Today considers using the printers that the Clipper used.

The Clipper's columns and sports reporting were wonderful. The neighborhood news often seemed like it wasn't treated with as much care. What could have been exciting news too often sounded mundane
The Today's reporting is sharp and exciting. The columns have excellent character to them too.

I would love it if the Today invited some of the columnists from the Clipper to write for the Today.

The Clipper had (and still has) a wonderful web presence with the papers available anytime online.
The Today has a brand-new website -- but without any real content yet.

I hope the Today invites some of the web knowledge from the Clipper and establishes a significant web presence.

Rumors abound about some nastiness between the two papers. The Editor for the Clipper put it this way:
". . . there were too many personal attacks and other shenanigans perpetrated by those connected to the other paper."

I don't know what exactly went on. It sounds like there were some hurt feelings and that it's not anywhere near to being resolved. (Here's a link to an article from the Daily Herald about the situation.)

I hope the Today continues to publish and that any healing that needs to take place can begin.

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