I'm off to the National Youthworkers Convention in Charlotte, NC tomorrow morning. Youth Specialties has been supporting youthworkers with these conventions, training days and more books and other resources than I can count. I've been part of the conventions for the past 12 years -- and every year I experience an oasis where I am encouraged and where God's presence is completely evident. I'm looking forward to this year as a time to unwind and to let God do what God is gonna do (as if I had a choice in the matter!) I've also learned over the years that the people who put on this convention are the genuine article. They really do care about youthworkers and spend an incredible amount of effort to be sure that everyone who attends has a chance to be encouraged and to be appreciated for what they do. Most of all, I believe they want to see youthworkers be able to move forward in their walk of faith. These people (The YS team) just ooze Jesus' love.

I'll be "blogging the convention" all week. Hopefully I'll be able to share some things I've experienced.
My flight is tomorrow at 6:45 am.


Jeff said...

kirk, i just sent you an email. i am an ucc youthworker who will be at the convention too. perhaps we can meet up?

Kirk said...

Sure thing, Jeff. I'm staying at the Westin -- look me up! You can also ask at headquarters where to find Kirk