Justice and righteousness

I've written a new blog entry for "Opening the Bible" at i.ucc. It seems that the theme each week is about hope -- and I wonder if I'm growing weary. This week I wonder if others hear the hope and start asking, "Same talk of hope, but where is it?" I wonder how any of you will react?

Justice and righteousness

Is there always hope and comfort for any who are in need of consolation?
Jeremiah was not only a bullfrog :) He was a prophet -- a "big picture" person. And in that big picture we find hope for justice and righteousness.

The book of Jeremiah focuses on building up -- buildings, cities and people. It speaks of a better time coming. Even in the face of catastrophe and destruction, Jeremiah saw hope. This week's reading from jeremiah 33:14-16 looks forward to that hope -- in the form or justice and righteousness.

I've been writing about hope for a few weeks now. And I wonder. Did the people who heard the words of the prophet feel any comfort? Or did they feel like it was more words of something better to come even though things were horrible now.

"Horrible now" sometimes needs more than hope for the future, doesn't it?

I can write all day about how there is hope for justice and righteousness that is coming sometime soon -- or sometime later. But I wonder how others feel about hearing hopefulness in the middle of hopelessness.

I believe in hope -- for today and for the future. I believe in justice -- today and in the future. I believe that God's righteousness is here now -- and will be here in the future.

I'm not always sure how to communicate that to others in a way that helps them to believe it, too.

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