Blogging NYWC Charlotte - Underneath the Convention 1

This is so peaceful already.
  • It was an early morning.
  • I had an extraordinarily easy flight out of O'Hare into Charlotte.
  • Getting out of the airport included a great ride to the Charlotte Westin with a friendly driver and great gentleman who works for IBM.
  • The rooms at the Westin are wonderful and I had a chance to start doing what I come to these conventions for -- unwinding.

(Here's the perfect opportunity for me to say "And grow closer to Jesus." That sounds so fake, tho. I think that unwinding invites and trusts that God is going to continue to do what God does and that I'll be a little more receptive to it.)
Of course, unwinding leads to hunger so I went off in search of food that youth leaders can afford to eat.
I found it up and down Tryon street. I counted at least 4 street cart hot dog vendors in a 5 block walk of Tryon -- my favorite being Mattie's Vending at the corner of Tryon and Trade. (I hope she has a great week of sales!)
I also found an Eckerd's Pharmacy -- in case any of you are looking for a place to buy ibuprofen :) It's on Tryon too.
I walked a little further past Mattie's during dinner time and found a delicious Asian cuisine place. Tin Tin Box and Noodles is open for lunch and dinner, (the hot dog stands close after lunch) has fresh, great-tasting dishes, doesn't cost much and has plasma TV's upstairs!
I'm sure, of course, that there are some high-filutin' restaurants around too -- but I like the open-air, strike-up-a-conversation-with-people kind of place instead. I also like to eat without spending all the money I brought on the first day!


traci said...

yeah, so wtf on me not getting your updates through bloglines? i can't figure it out. anyway, i just spent a gajilion years catching up.

talk to you soon.

Kirk said...

I switched to the blogger in beta several months back -- it must've messed with your RSS feed. And I think you were on for only 64 minutes. :)