Blogging NWYC Charlotte - Underneath the Convention 2

I remembered one of the other reasons I keep coming to these conventions today:
Reconnecting with friends I've come to love and trust so much. We share our news of the year. We share exciting things and things that make our stomachs turn. And we all offer unconditional love and support to one another. This strange community of youthworkers who are so filled with Jesus love just fills me with hope and trust for God's continued care and guidance.
I got to see some of what the convention is going to look like today. It's going to be another amazing, spirit-filled and rejuvenating experience. I'm looking forward to what comes into the light over the next several days.

Here's just a little fun thing. If you're one of the first 4 people who come up to me at the convention and say something like, "Hi Kirk. Where's my present?" I'll give you a goofy yet very fun present. (If I don't have it with me at the moment I promise to get it to you as soon as possible.)
I'll post the winners (if anyone wins) as soon as there are any winners (that was a horrible sentence!)


traci said...

i want a present. where's my present? ;)

Kirk said...

You have to wait until the convention is over. If I run out of presents I'll find some lame free thing (like a postcard) and give it to you. :) However, if you come to Charlotte . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirk...I want a present....I am a whole year ahead of everyone else...that should count for something!!!