Blogging NWYC Charlotte - Underneath the Convention 3

Watching the convention hall be transformed into a place of excitement and worship continues to be incredible. Being exhausted and refreshed already is also a little bit scary. I feel just a bit like I need to unwind from all the beginning unwinding! Tomorrow over 2000 youthworkers from all over the world will arrive and the place is going to be electric. I love to see the looks of wonder, awe, fear, happiness, relief and anticipation in the looks of everyone attending. Tomorrow is going to be a great day!

While I'm unwinding from the unwinding, I've been playing my new guitar. I got it from a place in Idaho called Musicians Storehouse. I got a great price on a very playable, amazingly good-sounding for the money guitar. And it's so bright! (And even better, they sent it to me at the hotel in Charlotte so I didn't have to carry it with me!)

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