These guys aren't the ice cream people

After being mostly in the dark about this place for the past few years, I went into a Steve and Barry's University Sportswear Store today.

What's going on here? I bought shirts, jeans, chinos and shoes -- and the stuff was either $6.98 (for everything but the shoes) or $14.98. (for the new Starbury crossovers)

There were jackets, shirts, pants, shoes -- about 60,000 feet worth of inexpensive, what I would call high quality clothing.

I did just a little research to find that 4004 incorporated, the corporation behind the buddies who started the store in Pennsylvania in 1985, operates three global offices -- in India, China, Pakistan and Jordan. 4004 says that they are the "Nerve Center for the Procurement, Solutions & Strategy Operations for Steve & Barry’s U.S.A."

I also took a look at the people in the store -- lots of happy employees and a very friendly atmosphere.

So far I'm impressed. And I have some new clothes and shoes too.

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