Newspaper battle in Warrenville -- Round 1

It seems like just a year ago when we had no town newspaper.
Then a new one came up -- Warrenville Today (no website, but you can send email)
Warrenville today has now published 50 weekly issues and covers all the local events. (They were the first to publish the article about my "giving up church for lent" sabbatical) They've also made comments about politics in Warrenville and, I think, have ruffled some feathers in the process.
Now this week comes the Warrenville Clipper -- a similar, homegrown newspaper for Warrenville. They do have a website -- and you can view the latest issue of the paper in .pdf form

Both papers have free delivery to Warrenville residents. Both have local advertising and local news.

My guess is that the Clipper was formed by the people who were angry about something the Today said.

Hopefully both papers will be be better as a result of the competition.


Anonymous said...

The Warrenville Clipper was formed as a source of Warrenville news whose words were not a result of an agenda.

Kirk said...

I think we all have agendas. I think the agenda that the "Today" has is different than the "Clipper". But I think each paper has a bias. If both papers continue and improve, however, I believe the readers are the ones who will benefit.