More Warrenville news

I suppose I could tell you all the great things about the little town I live in. I could have more fun with the "Warrenville Today" vs "Warrenville Clipper" newspaper saga, but I really don't think much will come of it. I think we'll just have two hometown papers for awhile or even awhile longer.

I suppose I could also tell you about all the area events coming up that are in or around this great little town. However, I don't need to! Now there's a site that is doing it way better than I could. We've had the local Warrenville municipal site, the Warrenville Park District site, the Warrenville Chamber of Commerce site and the Warrenville Public Library site. (They got the cool name.) And now there's a site that, I think, is a marvelous place to go to find out little tidbits, interesting items and lots of upcoming events in and around Warrenville. I hope this site stays around a long time. Warrenvilleweb.com is here!

Apparently Warrenville is hitting the big time.

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