Back to School

Tonight at our youth group meeting we had a back-to school party complete with cake, games, songs and discussion.
We played an absolutely disgusting game of 'Guess the Candy Bar' that I learned about from my sister-in-law. She'd been to a baby shower and told me about this game where candy bars were melted in diapers and the contestants had to touch, smell and even taste to figure out what kind of candy bars they were. I knew it was a winning youth group game. We had lots of gross fun with that one.
Then we moved into a discussion about how we tend to misuse scripture to fit our agenda. We talked about three issues, in escalating controversy, that we use or have used scripture to match our agenda.
We talked about slavery -- we don't use the Bible to make that OK anymore.
We talked about women in ministry -- we have a little controversy with that one now -- and we use scripture to defend our positions. Each side thinks the other misuses scripture.
We also talked about homosexuality -- People on all sides of that issue use and misuse scripture to fit their agenda too. Each position is sure the others are misusing scripture.
Our discussion culminated with the idea that we have to look at scripture through the lens of the most important commandments: Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. And when we disagree, we still have to disagree through the same lens.

The diaper thing was connected in that we started with something really wonderful (candy bar - Bible) and can easily turn it or twist it into something that isn't.

We took a couple of polaroids (Remember that instant film stuff?) of our meetings. Here they are!

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