The Turning - Learning to Lose

Back on April 7 I mentioned that I was writing an album review for a record that was due in stores in June.
Well, the review finally came out in print (Well, it came out a couple of weeks ago -- but the magazine doesn't have an online version and I had to get permission to reprint the review here.)
Here's my review:

  1. Artist: The Turning
  2. Album: Learning to Lose
  3. Label: RKT
  4. Genre: Modern Rock
  5. TIYL: U2, Coldplay, Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, Elvis (Hey -- who doesn't like Elvis?)
  6. Reviewer: Kirk Moore, St. Matthew United Church of Christ, Wheaton, Illinois revkirk.com

Everyone's faith journey has catastrophes. We find hope in what comes after the sadness. The Turning's first major CD release reflects the journey of the band over the past 5 years as well as the journey of faith we are all on.
The Turning's music is tight, well-produced and pretty standard modern-rock style. Learning to Lose's appeal is to the countless music fans that visit myspace and purevolume on a regular basis looking for something loud and driving. The songs are filled with great harmonies and excellent guitar hooks. But what invites young and old to keep listening is the depth of the lyrics. The songs express anguish, hopelessness, desperation, devotion and ultimately hope.

There's not a throwaway track on the CD, but some ministry standouts include:

  • Home to You: A lament that sees the singer realizing how many times they turn away from God and to their own devices. It celebrates that God never gives up on them.
  • Through All the Earth: Praise bands will want to sing this song of Glory to God
  • Numb: Tragedy strikes and all the singer can do is feel numb. The singer, still feeling nothing, looks to God to break their heart.
  • For You: A love song from frontman Jacob McGinnis to his wife. This may become a favorite "first dance" number at wedding receptions this summer and beyond.
  • Heart is Free: A song that offers hope when we're at the end of all we have tried to do ourselves.
The songs on Learning to Lose work well individually to reach students who are experiencing pain in their lives. However, an extended retreat or meeting series that hears and experiences the faith journey of the songs will invite students to really reflect on their walk with Jesus and be moved to see hope in their own anguish while encouraging one another to trust God on their journey.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. You listened well to the lyrics and heard with your heart what The Turning's message is. The message is needed by young and old and is delivered powerfully through great music.

Kirk said...

Thanks -- you sound like you're connected with the band. Am I right?