Yesterday I added another short sequence to "sabbatical". I'm either going to do just one more and then a closing or I'm going to incorporate everything into the closing. I think the final version of the project will be done Monday or Tuesday. (Post-production? We don't need no stinking post-production!)

It seems the rest of the day was pretty relaxed -- a little more reading, agreeing to do an album review for a record that's due in stores in June (but I can't tell you what record it is for a long time -- I think if I do I get in big trouble from someone), writing some of the blister lesson in Gross Theology and submitting an assignment for an online course I'm taking called "Biblical and Theological Self- Defense for the UCC".

And then today there's an article about my sabbatical in the Wheaton Sun. Cool.

2 more days. . .

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