Richer, Bolder, Better -- but still not good

Around here, McDonald's is offering their "Premium Roast" coffee free every Monday in April. I tried it today. I agree that the coffee McDonald's is offering now is better than the coffee they had before, but I think it is still . . . not good. The gas station across the street from the McDonald's near my house has coffee that costs less (well, not than free, but than the regular McDonald's coffee price) and tastes better. And they've got one of those cool mocha machines too!


Peter said...

Yes, but can you burn yourself with plain 'ol gas station coffee and still file a multi-million dollar lawsuit?

Kirk said...

I saw a parody cup at a place called Al's Italian Beef -- it was for a cold beverage and is said across the bottom, "Caution, beverage is cold, duh!"