Yesterday I did something different for the last worship service during sabbatical. I was one of the songleaders at a cafe-style worship service at River Valley Community Church in Aurora.

I've been a student (at least a little) of the emerging church movement (conservative protestant) and the practicing congregation movement (mainline protestant) for a little while. I was interested to see how River Valley experienced worship.

I did find a church that was warm, loving and authentic. The cafe-style of the emerging churches (with table discussions, lots of alternative time etc) wasn't the case here -- it was mostly a contemporary worship service with round tables instead of pews.

The theology at River Valley is more conservative than I am, but I still found a place where I was moved during worship. I loved being the guitar-playing songleader (narcissist that I am) and got chills when the violin player would come in at exactly the right time with exactly the right note.

I'm glad God is still speaking in all different styles of worship and all different kinds of churches.

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