Winding Down

I feel like things are going a little slower for the last week of sabbatical. But maybe I'm just getting ready for them to go faster so it seems slower.

Yesterday I re-mixed B-I-N-G-O, Marching Around the Room, Old MacDonald and Don't Brush Your Teeth While You're Driving. I think the vocals and insturmentation have a better blend in each one now.

I also entered a new blog article at i.ucc.org. This one covers Mark chapters 14 and 15 and focuses on how the story is about people doing things that are good and things that are bad and how Jesus still gives life. (OK -- there's more to it than that -- you'll have to read it.)

With the blog thoughts in mind, I also did some more work on the latest Gross Theology chapter -- the one about blood. I think I have the basis done, but it seems like I get to the main point too quickly. I'll work more on that one today.

Oh, and I also watched the latest episode of that show Traci abhors last night.

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