What If . . .

I recorded some rhythm and guitar tracks for the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star medley yesterday. But when I was trying to add more guitar tracks I realized I had messed up completely on the rhythm tracks -- making the rest of the song useless. I get to start from scratch today. (No, I'm not going to release the useless version.)

I did add a new segment to sabbatical (the documentary) yesterday too. In it I suggest this: What if churches took one or two Sundays a year as "sabbatical Sundays" -- where the pastors attended worship at the church they serve -- but they didn't come early to open the doors, make the coffee, teach a class, have anything to do with the leadership in worship, or lead any meetings afterwards. They would just show up for worship, sit with their family (or friends) and afterwards spend time chatting with everyone and then go home.
I suggested this because of the wonderful experience I've had simply attending church these past four weeks. I've experienced God's presence without having a plan for how things have to go. I realized that never being able to experience this at the church I serve makes it so I can never fully experience that joy in the place I come to worship every week. I guess my thoughts are a little selfish, but I still think its a good idea for all churches to consider.

I started on a new lesson for Gross Theology too. This one is about blood -- the direction I'm going with it is how blood carries nourishment and takes away waste. It gives life.

And . . . yesterday a newspaper photographer was here taking pictures of the things I've been doing during my lent sabbatical.

I guess it's a good thing it wasn't a day where I sat around watching TV.

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