Some closure

I think I finished making any new music recordings yesterday. Now comes remixing, re-recording parts (or maybe even songs) and more thoroughly investigating whether or not to release everything on a packaged CD and if I do, exactly how to go about that and what the best company is to do it. The song I completed yesterday is one that covers three songs. I call it Twinkle-ABC-Baa Baa. I also did a remix of If You're Happy and You Know It. I don't know which one sounds better -- the new one or the old one.

A newspaper reporter came over yesterday to interview me about the "Pastor giving up church for Lent" idea. I think the interview went well -- the article is planned for sometime next week (probably later in the week)

As my sabbatical begins to wind down, I'm feeling a whole lot of peace, but now there's a little sense of apprehension.

I guess I'm starting to realize that sabbatical is going to end soon.

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