World Record

Yesterday was my 33rd day of sabbatical -- (Well, I guess it has been 29 if you don't count the Sundays since they don't count for the 40 days of Lent) The time where I've given up church -- in terms of the busy-ness of being a pastor -- for Lent.

And now it seems I've broken a world record. The previous two records for Pastors giving up church for Lent were

  • 28 days (not counting Sundays) by Pastor Lars Lofpoi of Egersund, Norway way back in 1973. Apparently Pastor Lars was called back to work due to the fact that the interim sabbatical pastor became ill.
  • 32 days (counting Sundays) by Pastor Lisa Prolof of Minsk, Belarus in 2003. Pastor Lisa wasn't called back due to an emergency -- she simply said "I'm finished with sabbatical and ready to be back."

I think I'll hold out for an even longer time and go back after 41 days (counting Sundays) or 36 days (not counting Sundays) on Palm Sunday, 2006

I wonder if Guinness will be there?

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