Show me the Cache

Yesterday I spent the morning at the Fox Valley Association, Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ's (long name, eh?) 2nd floor offices in Elgin. The mission? Help change the character of the association's web page. I worked with our new acting association minister (another long name) and we made a start. Here's what the main page looks like now -- and here's what it looked like before we made any changes. Over the next several weeks you should see more changes and a more updated site.

And after I scolded myself a little for not working on Gross Theology, I wrapped up another lesson -- this one is about wounds. If any of you would like to see and use a sample lesson from the upcoming (well, at some point) book, please contact me. Evaluations from people who have used the lessons in their rough form will help the book be better when it is finished.

Ta ta for now~

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