I had the opportunity to participate in a pre-press conference for bloggers from the United Church of Christ. It was a different experience being a part of "the press" for the conference. The blog entry just prior to this one give a rundown of the new commercial for the stillspeaking initiative and some of the new information surrounding it. I noticed on a blogsearch that and increasing number people are blogging about "Ejector Seat."

Yesterday I posted a new blog entry at i.ucc.org in the "open the Bible" section. It's about God's restoration to a people who are hopeless and still rejecting God. (Here's a repost -- it's no longer active on i.ucc)

I also recorded a couple more songs: The Wheels on the Bus (With a different role for the Daddies) and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. (with a surprise ending) I've almost completed all the songs I had scheduled to record while I was on sabbatical. Of course, the book writing hasn't gone along as well as I'd planned either. I'd better focus a little more on that over last week and a half!

I also had a "Why not?" creative moment last evening. There's been a bunch of buzz about a new movie scheduled to release in August called Snakes on a Plane. I went to their early website and saw a "Get you music featured on Snakes on a Plane" contest.

So I wrote a slightly cheesy hard rock song, recorded it and submitted it to the contest. You can listen to it and then vote (voting starts April 19th) for it as the best song. (Well, you should probably really think it is the best song, but I won't be picky if you want to vote for it because you like me, either.) The song is called "The Snakes are on the Plane."

I'm sure there's a theological discussion about the movie brewing.


traci said...

remind us on the 19th and we'll vote :)

Kirk said...

Should I make posters of me with a guitar and microphone and an image of the US flag in the background to encourage people to vote for me because I'll save them from the snakes?