A Real Sabbatical?

Over the past few weeks, when I tell someone that I am taking a sabbatical, the following conversation usually occurs:

"Where are you going for your sabbatical?"
"Nowhere really-- I'm staying at home."
"What classes are you taking?"
"Well, I'm not doing any classes really. I'm spending a lot of time resting."
"You can do that? I thought you had to do some project or go on a big trip or something."
"No -- it's a time to rest." (Then I tell them the things I have been doing -- but you can read them for yourself on previous posts.)

Well, yesterday I did something that most would consider a 'sabbatical thing.'

I attended a seminar to be trained as a trainer for churches who have opted in to the stillspeaking initiative of the United Church of Christ. We got to see the new commercial -- set to debut online on March 27 and on television on April 3. It was a day of excitement, community, Bible study, learning and preparation for helping others to share God's extravagant welcome with all.

I'll post a link to the new, whimsical and poignant commercial here on the 27th.

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