3 Weeks

Another restful, refreshing and rejuvenating week gone by.

There was a short article about me in the Warrenville Today newspaper (They're pretty new -- no web site that I know of) this week. It just told about what I've been doing -- with the headline "Pastor Gives Up Church for Lent." The phrase is, I admit, dramatic and fun -- I love to have the conversations with people about what it really means after I say it or they read it.

This week's "What did Kirk Do?" update. . .


  • Sabbatical (The next chapter of me trying to make a belching machine)

Web site
  • grosstheology.com (The site to promote the book I'm writing during sabbatical)
  • I also wrote the belching lesson and started on the wounds lesson

Book I'm reading

Wow -- that's a lot.


Cassie said...

ok. "I've been workin on the railroad" is better, but that "dinah" note just kills me. Also, you sound far away with the reverb. pretty, but far away which I dont think is as appealing to kids.
I'd put "anonymous" but you would need about a nanosecond to guess who.

Kirk said...

Do you mean you wouldn't put that part on the song on repeat and listen to it in the car?