i.guide what?

I'm going to be an i.guide (is that name going to change or will it stay?) for the UCC's new online community -- i.ucc.
It's a place for people who have really connected with the UCC as a denomination (from the TV commercials and the website, mostly) but have not found a UCC church nearby where they've begun attending. It's a place to find learning, Bible study, prayer and spiritual conversation.

Everyone is welcome -- come take a look during the first few days where things are a bit 'rough', (like a church that just opened for worship—but still with exposed drywall in the sanctuary, the smell of fresh paint and sawdust in the air, and phones that haven't been connected) but I'm looking forward to God breathing life and energy into this new community.


traci said...

cool. how do i get there?

Kirk said...

click on the title . . .