Yesterday I spent some time working on the most recent chapter in "Gross Theology." It's a series of lessons that begin with a gross or disgusting experiment and lead to a discussion about something important " (big -- or gross) about our walk of faith.

The one I worked on yesterday is all about belching. It involves making a simple belching machine, (I'm sure students will demonstrate their own belching machines too -- after 17+ years in youth ministry I've got an unofficial, somewhat random list of the best belches I've heard. Very recently I heard the second best one ever -- the best I've heard from a student is from about 1996 -- sorry -- no audio clips) showing some places where belching is mentioned in the Bible, and then leading a discussion about being full of ourselves and fully missing God's way.

Maybe I'll post a few of the lessons in the future. The four completed lessons start with vomit, peristalsis, farting (can I say that?) and snot.

Gross . . . Theology.


traci said...

1996? that was in MY era. who was it? tell! tell!

Kirk said...

I don't know that this person knows she holds the honor . . .