Sometimes things are just awful.  There's no "bright side" to look at.  There isn't a "someday you'll see a reason for this" or a "there's always a light at the end of the tunnel" explanation or profound "God's got everything in hand" statement to make.

Sometimes things are just awful.  In this week's Bible reading from Jeremiah 8:18-9:1, things were just awful.

Sometimes things are just wonderful.  They're happy.  They're exciting.  They're life enhancing.

There's really no need for "Look how good God is" statements to give credit for something good.  It's enough that there are times to celebrate.  There are times to appreciate.  There are times where smiles are as wide as can be.

I know many want to, but it really isn't necessary to make sense of why sometimes things are awful and sometimes they're great. 

When it's awful; weeping, comfort, and consolation are the kinds of things that don't try to make sense of anything. Instead, they offer peace and compassion.

When it's wonderful; laughter, smiles, and celebration are the kinds of things that don't worry about making sense of anything.  Instead, they offer happiness and joy.

What do you think about experiencing the emotions rather than making complete sense of everything? 

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