This week’s Bible reading from Jeremiah 32 has a whole lot of “times are tough . . . blah blah . . . here are some names you will have trouble pronouncing. . . blah blah . . . buy some fields . . .  blah blah . . . make the transactions all legal . . .  blah blah . . .  protect the deeds so they last . . . :”

Property ownership?  That's the big hope?

The endless pursuit of "mine" as it relates to "not yours" is toxic.  Why is it so important to have something to call "your own" at the expense of another?  Why must something be deemed as exclusive in order for it to be seen as valued and safe?

I should point out that there isn't anything in this week's reading about taking land by force or having land that no one else may occupy at all.  This week's reading is about future restoration and planning for when that time comes.

The territorial stuff is just me.  Frustrated at how territorial disputes have poisoned relationships, brought about war, and led to such awful hatred.

It would be so much better if folks could share, gather, welcome, attend to one another, and feel safe in a place that wasn't a "keep off my property" or "don't touch my stuff" territory

You know -- a place . . . at the table . . . for everyone.

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