Sometimes I rant.

I read Luke 13:10-17 this morning.  And I'm gonna rant.

This is my perception of a large amount of people who claim to be Christian.  These are the kinds of ideas I hear from their mouths, their social networking posts, and their politics.

“Get off my lawn”
“That’s my stuff!”
“How dare you say that about me!”
“You can’t have what I have because you are less than I am”
“If you have that then I won’t think that what I have is special.”
"Your kind of love isn't acceptable."
"You're persecuting me because you don't want me to persecute you."
"They're here illegally -- and that's all there is to it."
"My religion is the best one.  Yours is inferior."
"My beliefs are the only ones that are valid. Your ideas aren't worthwhile."
and even
"I'm better than you are."

And it makes me sick.

I know it's not all Christians.  I wish it wasn't most.

I don't want to be associated with any of that poison.


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traci said...

It's not most. It's just the loudest.