Little brat

In this week's Bible reading from Luke 2:41-52 we hear about a Passover festival Jesus celebrated with his parents. It was a busy time.  People were celebrating, running, pushing, and shoving.
And then, finally, it was over.

Mary and Joseph got everyone together and headed for home afterwards.  They thought Jesus was with them - in their larger traveling group. He wasn't

He'd forgotten to get in the group. He'd stayed behind talking to the teachers in the temple.

They realized he wasn't with them and they returned to the temple.  It had been three days and Jesus didn't seem the least bit upset.  He'd been talking with the teachers.

Mary and Joseph were angry.  They couldn't believe that Jesus would just stay.  They couldn't believe that he hadn't tried to contact them.  They couldn't believe that he was so unaffected by being separated from his family.  He was only 12!

And Jesus said to them, "Why were you searching for me?  Didn't you know I would be in my Father's house?"

And after that, Jesus was grounded.

Or he should have been. He should have made an effort to contact his parents.  He should have said he was sorry.

I'm glad he grew up and increased in wisdom and in years.  Just from this story it seems he was a little brat.

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