This week's Bible reading is from Matthew 2:1-12 -- the visit of the Magi.

What's the message of the visit of the Magi?
  • I don't think it is in how many of them there were
  • Or exactly what they were 
  • Or who they were
  • Or even where they were from
  • I don’t think the message is in what they followed
  • I don’t think the timing of when they arrived is really significant either
  • And I don’t think the gifts they brought are central to the message
I think that the real message is that these visitors from another land, another culture, and another religion recognized Jesus.

Before jumping right to saying something like “Everyone should recognize Jesus – The Magi did! Why doesn’t everyone open their eyes and see Jesus and become followers of Jesus?” Let me suggest a different direction.

Do I recognize Jesus?

Strangers in this week's Bible reading saw Jesus’ face.

What about when Jesus has a stranger’s face?  What about when Jesus has the face of my adversary?  What about when Jesus has the face of the person I wish didn't?

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